Saturday, December 10, 2011

Zoom in on the setting of tonight's ADVENTure:

A most wondrous and magical setting, a puppet theatre procured from the dusty corner of one Sandy Grade School and hand-delivered by a loving Grammy into the arms of her beloved granddaughter. This very theatre has been the place for many an imaginative show in the past few weeks. 

I, the esteemed director, thought it a fitting place for a reenactment of the nativity, as brought to you by Maddie, Sam, and two mismatched sets of characters.

ACT ONE: Sam was content to raise up the cast, one by one, and then toss them through the theatre curtains to their untimely demise on the tile floor.

ACT (out) TWO: Maddie was not content, period. She cried through most of the evening, wanting instead to "act out" the nativity with "costumes and things." Compromise, the director, I did try. Yet to no avail. It was the puppet show that was never meant to be.

FINAL CURTAIN: lovely tree, lonely ornament.


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