Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fabulous Fifteen Weeks and Super Sober Prego Woman

My girlfriend's bachelorette party was this past weekend at a lake a few hours away. It was a great relief to be near the water for a few days while it was 112 degrees at home. Yikes. The weekend was pretty much like high school--me the responsible non-drinker, winding about the festivities like a mother hen keeping track of all her wandering chicks.

As we left the small town bar at around 1:30 a.m. Friday night/Saturday morning, a number of concerned people were approaching the group of us, wondering how we could possibly make it home safely. Little did they know that my cocktails that evening had consisted of 4 glasses of water and two Shirley Temples, making me Super Sober Prego Woman! It was quite a sight to see me driving the whole lot of them home in someone's Ford F-350 Turbo Diesel king cab truck. Hilarious. I can definitely say that I am not one to be mother to multiple girls. Too much drama for this mama!

On Saturday morning, upon waking after less than five hours of sleep, I had a cup of tea and, as is my normal routine, took my prenatal and colitis meds as I prepared to eat breakfast. Well, the meal ended up taking longer than I predicted and I ended up throwing up for the first time this pregnancy! As I sat over the porcelain ring, I thought to myself, "Now this just isn't fair. I didn't even DRINK last night!" But a few minutes and some breakfast bites later, I felt much, much better.

All in all, I'm feeling much more like myself. Other than a few encounters with morning nausea in the past week, I've felt good. The other night I was hugging my hubby and he noticed something had come between us...the baby has already wriggled its way into the middle of our lives in the form of a belly bump. Too cute for words (the baby, not the expando belly).

I ordered some swatches online last week and they arrived in the mail. We're starting to plan out the baby's nursery, and I couldn't be more thrilled. This is exactly what I've been waiting for these past few years--the planning, the shopping, the preparations. It's all too wonderful.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

where do you land?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

post-vacation glow

Oahu was amazing...it was exactly the babymoon we needed. Restful, relaxing, and fun! It's amazing what a few days in paradise does for the soul. Lots of swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, boogie boarding, eating, walking, resting...and all of it together. :) I even managed to avoid getting a sunburn this time, just a slight tan. Though I'm no match for my brown hubby, who's had three weeks off to work on his lovely color.

There were lots of prego ladies and small babies on the island. It made us yearn for our little one more than ever. We'd gaze down at the little bump and say "we can't wait for you to come!" Granted, we want him/her to stay in there until good and ready, but the feeling of anticipation grows with each day. We hope to get started on the nursery in the next month or so, which will make things very real and very fun. And less than six weeks until we find out the sex of our baby...though we've been feeling the girl vibe lately.

Last night I talked to my sister-in-law and found out that theyr'e expecting their 3rd in March--just 7 or 8 weeks behind me. So at future holiday gatherings we will have 3 new babies to add to the bunch, with my cousin's little one due about the same time as my new niece/nephew. The family is super excited!

Not much else going on. I know that I'll have to talk with my clients soon about being pregnant, which makes me sad. I hate to be one more person to leave these kids, who've been abandoned so many times. It breaks my heart, yet I know that they need to have "good" goodbyes as a model to balance the many goodbyes that have been out of their control. I'm hoping and praying that there will be smooth transitions for all of them, and my own feelings of abandoning them won't negatively affect the work we can do in the next 5 months.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

woosh woosh woosh

Today we heard the baby's heartbeat at our 12-week prenatal appointment. So very cool! I'm glad to be leaving the first trimester and venturing into the rosy glow of pregnancy stage. The nausea has all but disappeared...I haven't felt sick for almost 2 weeks. The only symptom I seem to have right now is an expanding waistline. A little bit of baby, a little bit of mama, as my friend used to say. It didn't help that I could only stomach carbs for 4-5 weeks there. Oh well. I'm so happy the baby is healthy and we're well on our way into month 4. Due date: January 15.

I found out this morning that my cousin and his wife are pregnant with their first, and I'm so excited. My mom and aunt are already planning a joint shower later this year. :) I'm happy for my mom to have her sister to enjoy the journey with! Even though it's not my mom's first grandbaby, I know she couldn't possibly be any more excited about this one.

We leave for Hawaii in two days! I can hardly wait. Good friends hooked me up with some pregnancy shorts and skirts to help me breathe a little more freely while on vacation. Thanks Kelly and Kara! Most of all I'm looking forward to just relaxing with my hubby, to catching up with each other and loving each other and enjoying all tropical paradise has to offer: sunsets, snorkeling, chichis and pupus, beautiful dancing and music, boogie boarding, swimming, mid-day naps, and loads of sunshine. We figure we're setting a good precedent for our little one, considering their first trip to Hawaii is at only 3 months of life. :)