Wednesday, July 05, 2006

woosh woosh woosh

Today we heard the baby's heartbeat at our 12-week prenatal appointment. So very cool! I'm glad to be leaving the first trimester and venturing into the rosy glow of pregnancy stage. The nausea has all but disappeared...I haven't felt sick for almost 2 weeks. The only symptom I seem to have right now is an expanding waistline. A little bit of baby, a little bit of mama, as my friend used to say. It didn't help that I could only stomach carbs for 4-5 weeks there. Oh well. I'm so happy the baby is healthy and we're well on our way into month 4. Due date: January 15.

I found out this morning that my cousin and his wife are pregnant with their first, and I'm so excited. My mom and aunt are already planning a joint shower later this year. :) I'm happy for my mom to have her sister to enjoy the journey with! Even though it's not my mom's first grandbaby, I know she couldn't possibly be any more excited about this one.

We leave for Hawaii in two days! I can hardly wait. Good friends hooked me up with some pregnancy shorts and skirts to help me breathe a little more freely while on vacation. Thanks Kelly and Kara! Most of all I'm looking forward to just relaxing with my hubby, to catching up with each other and loving each other and enjoying all tropical paradise has to offer: sunsets, snorkeling, chichis and pupus, beautiful dancing and music, boogie boarding, swimming, mid-day naps, and loads of sunshine. We figure we're setting a good precedent for our little one, considering their first trip to Hawaii is at only 3 months of life. :)

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