Thursday, December 15, 2011

ADVENTures Day 15: Christmas Lights!

Growing up, one of my all-time favorite traditions was going to see the Christmas Lights with my family. Often we would go on December 21st, my younger brother's birthday, after enjoying a large, delicious meal at our family's favorite restaurant Poncho's in Portland. Every year would be different, but I especially remember Peacock Lane in Portland and Candy Cane Lane in Gresham. So fun. 

Ben's family has a running joke about Ben never being able to see the lights when they were out looking at Christmastime in Wisconsin. Somebody would notice something cool, point it out, but by the time Ben started searching, the car would have moved past the house. 

Suffice it to say, we both have vivid Christmas lights memories and this is one tradition we love to keep with our own kids!

Enter hot cocoa, Christmas jammies, Handel's Messiah, and a warm car:

This year we made it to Danville's own pride and joy: Dana Highlands Ct, home to this beauty which awed our children (and us adults):

This is the hysterical neighbor house:

We all loved it!

 And this year our family has a "second row." John fits nicely behind us four. :)

We drove around until the kiddos were good and tired and then whisked them away to their beds. Such a fun night! 

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jo ( said...

Been loving reading your family ADVENTures! And now, thanks to you, we love visiting that house on Dana Highlands now! Thanks for starting a fabulous family tradition for us! :) merry Christmas! :)