Friday, December 16, 2011

ADVENTures Day 16: Santa

We've never been big into the Santa thing at our house. He is what he is, whatever our kids want him to be. We don't perpetuate a lot of the story behind Santa, but let Maddie and Sam ask their questions and discover for themselves what Christmas is all about. Even with Maddie's fervent skepticism ("How does one guy really get all the way around the world, with all those toys, to all those houses, in one night?"), our trip to see Santa was still pretty darn magical.

Waiting in line to see Santa:

Sam spots "ho ho ho!"

posing in front of some large presents:

it's almost our turn (Sam not looking so thrilled about it):



Waiting...(how can you not just love this face?!)...


If my children get any more delicious, I might just have to eat them, right along with all the Christmas baked goods I have in my house right now. They are just too sweet!

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