Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ADVENTure Day 13: Susan's Birthday

So, I never really snapped any pictures of the kids playing last night, but for ADVENTure Day number twelve, we got together with our bestest-bestest friends to celebrate Susan's 35th birthday. It was SO much fun, one of those rare nights where we all needed so badly to be together, to laugh until we cried (or peed our pants), and to enjoy the gift of each other.

We girls started planning our Summer getaway. It's been five and a half years since we all got away overnight together. Since I was pregnant with Maddie. That is a TRAGEDY. 

Later in the evening we were discussing Ben's 35th and chatting through some of my theme ideas. After some joking about toasting Ben and making it "all about him," Kelly suggested everyone come dressed as Ben and do Ben impersonations. Then Ben started to laugh, Kelly started to laugh like Ben, and her impersonation was so perfect we all couldn't help but laugh until we cried. See below:

The kids played well together for two and a half hours, at which point we went upstairs to find every. single. toy. in the Holbrook upstairs pulled out its cubby. It looked as if a hurricane had blown through the kids' rooms. After a long and thorough picking up, done mostly by the grown-ups, we all agreed it was still worth it. Happy Birthday Susan! What a wonderful way to celebrate together the coming of Christ's birth. (And in related birthday news, Susan and Andrew's newest nephew Colton was also born on Susan's birthday! Hooray!)

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