Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ADVENTure Day 12: Christmas Programs!

Monday we got to celebrate the Advent season with two wonderful Christmas performances at the kids' preschool. First up in the morning was Sam's classroom program.

The little ones told the Christmas story and added their own characters to the growing nativity scene. Sam was the angel (of course). When I asked him before class what he was going to put in the manger, he said, "ROBOT!"

Because it's mostly two and three year-olds, the Purple Room program is quick. The Christmas Story, a couple of songs, a special snack, and present opening. Sam enjoyed his cookie and two glasses of sparkly punch:

The little lovey bug presented us with a photo book full of pictures from school. In about a third of the pictures he is wearing the woo-woo man costume. He also hand-painted the wrapping paper. 

Mrs. Sims is the most kind, big-hearted, encouraging, loving and amazing preschool teacher! We absolutely love her and are so, so grateful that Sam gets to have such a wonderful first school experience in her fun and engaging classroom.

After Sam's program we caught up with Susan, Kelly and a few other friends to celebrate Suz' birthday out to lunch in Danville. It was a lot of fun!

Back to the church at 12:30 for Maddie's Pre-K performance! They combined the Pre-K classes together for about twenty combined minutes of singing! The kids were AMAZING! Maddie did a great job singing along, following the teachers, doing the hand motions, and smiling her little heart out. We were impressed.

She's in the back row, about five kids from the left. 

So, so cute. After singing, the kids had their names called and they came forward to retrieve their handmade gifts for presentation to the parents. The pictures didn't turn out too well because Sam is dead asleep in my arms. My left bicep was pretty worn out by this time from supporting his huge head.

And here it is, her beautiful plate:

I JUST LOVE IT! So pretty, unique, and colorful. She calls it a Maddie-flower; fitting, as she is a beautifully special, precious, & colorful girl.

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