Thursday, December 08, 2011

ADVENTures Day 8: Cookie Decorating!

Today called for more baking. Apparently we've been doing that a lot around here lately. Our adventure of the day included rolling out dough, cutting out cookie shapes, baking and then decorating them. A few cookies may have been consumed.

Maddie stirs the ingredients together:

Sam rolls out the dough:

Our friend Jacob ("Jake-Jake" to Sam) helped us frost and be-sprinkle the cookies, and also kept tabs on the proportion of cookie decorating to cookie sampling. Thanks, buddy. Once finished, they were pretty hard to resist:

Later in the evening, after a little tickle-tackle time, Ben read the kids the Christmas story and we sang carols as they drifted off to sleep. A fun, ADVENTurous day!

It's not too late to link up with Mel's Cookie Exchange, like we did with our sugar cookies. Head on over!

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