Friday, December 02, 2011

ADVENTure Day 2: More Homemade (Maddie-Made) Goodness

 One of my sweet girl's favorite subjects at Pre-K is Nutrition. Together with twenty-odd other four and five year-olds, the teachers engage them in cooking, baking, and testing foods. Maddie brought home a wonderful story (in her memory) about Mr. Peabody and Mr. Whiskers and this delicious recipe for "Grandmother's Famous Cranberry Muffins."She couldn't wait to whip up a batch. Luckily for us, on one of our sick days, we had all the ingredients!

My little love bear mixing up the batter

The finished product: delicious!

It is SO fun to have a hobby that we both love and can share together. Baking in the kitchen is just one way we can spend quality time together (Maddie's love language) and speak the language of everyone else in the house (food)! 

ADVENTure season is off to a great start!

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

LOVE baking with my girls! Isn't it so cool they have a cooking unit in Pre-K?!?!? I need to make those muffins with Kate, she told me they were delicious when they made them at preschool!