Friday, September 28, 2012

good eats, good reads

good reads:

"God is the perfect creator and was completely satisfied in what he had done in creation, He created us to be completely satisfied in Him.  Sin came into the world when we thought something else could offer more satisfaction.  God chose an innocent sacrifice so that we didn’t have to suffer the punishment for what we deserved, gave us a community of people to remind us of this daily because we continue to be deceived that there is some greater satisfaction, and promises one day that He is going to perfect us so that we can understand that He is the ultimate satisfaction!" 
Read that over and over and over and let the goodness just flow over you. Found here

Yes, yes, only Him — and you were the beautiful face that brought me the Good News.” She’s wrinkled and exquisite and what if she hadn’t?
What if she hadn’t?  What if fear had stopped her or reaching out had inconvenienced her or she had had far more important things to do than tell a bunch of straggler neighborhood farm kids about a Carpenter and a Cross and Nails that can fix all the broken down places? 
What if believing meant there’s no way you could stop telling the Good News because it’s more sensational than gossip that parades as news?

A Holy Experience. Ann Voskamp. Subscribe today.

good eats:

Sprouted Kitchen's almond date truffles? Yes, please. Chocolate and almonds are a great match.

oh. em. gee. Joy, you've done it again. Gone and read my pregnancy cravings like you are in my brain! Coke + grilled pepper jack sandwich + chips? Heaven will be made of potato chips and french fries, imho.

(new!) good listens:

Mumford's new album? Yes, yes, yes. I love them. I want to put on kicky boots, a twirly skirt, and dance around the house with my nudey children to this entire album. Buy it. Buuuyyyyy eeeeeet.

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Tiffany said...

Hahahah! The mental picture for the Mumford and sons part is cracking me up! :)