Sunday, September 02, 2012

My 601st Post: Randomness

So I meant to make note of my 600th post, but lost track! So today we're celebrating the 601st. Lucky us!

Well, we made it through the first week of Kindergarten. It was pretty smooth until yesterday. After picking up Maddie from school, she was really sassy and disrespectful when I tried to find out about her day at school. After a few tries, I eventually said that typical Mom phrase: "Maddie, if you can't say anything nice right now then maybe it's best to be quiet until you can get a hold of your words." Then, tears. A bucketful. Streaming, pouring tears. 

"Mom, I missed you ALL DAY! I hate Kindergarten! I never want to go back! The teachers are mean and nasty!! The other kids are mean and nasty! I want to be homeschooled! I want to go back to preschool! Don't make me go back!!!!" Etc., etc., etc.

After an hour and a half of crying escalating to anger escalating to a screaming fit (including ripping up and throwing away her school projects), eventually she crawled into my arms, settled down, and fell asleep for a long two-hour nap. Poor, sweet, exhausted girl.

I've been anticipating this meltdown all week. I knew it was coming. Transitions are exceptionally difficult for my sensitive girl. By the grace of God, I've come to expect difficult transitions. They no longer surprise me. I'm quicker to extend grace, love and compassion and less likely to get frustrated or lose my cool in the midst of the storm.

Later, when Maddie had calmed down, we were able to remind her how difficult transitions are. We talked about how hard it was at this same point last year when she started Pre-K. The switch from Summer to five days of school turned my confident, happy girl into a clingy, crying mess. I had to peel her off my leg one day at dropoff and I walked away crying tears of hurt for my girl. Ben shared with Maddie his own tears and fears the first week of Kindergarten. We told her it is okay to have mixed feelings and fears about new stages. We held her. We kissed her. And then we went out to fro yo to celebrate finishing her first week. 

Celebrating transitions, whether smooth or rough, is so important.


Um, speaking of transitions, can you even believe that I'm going to do this again?

Look at my babies (Maddie on top, Sam on bottom)! So tiny and sweet and pink and fuzzy. Oh my. Yes, looking at these, I think I can do this again. They are so delicious.


I haven't cooked a meal in so long. Hence no grain-free goodness or Sunday Brunch episodes here on the blog. Sorry! Hoping as I feel better and gain more energy, I'll be back in cooking-photographing-recipe sharing mode. For now, rest assured that I'm enjoying lots and lots of homemade chicken or vegetable soup.


I'm enjoying a cup of coffee for the first time in seven weeks. With all my pregnancies, basically the second I was with child, the smell, taste and even the thought of coffee made me feel like barfing (or actually made me barf).

But last night's sleep = no so bueno. Coffee was mucho necessito this morning. Maddie had a major meltdown and wouldn't go to sleep until 9. Then I had to lay with Sam until he fell asleep because he was crying. I went to bed at 10. Sam came in at 1:45 after having bad dreams, I got him settled in a sleeping bag on our floor, and then I was awake for about an hour and a half after. Maddie came in at 4:30 with a belly ache and refused to sleep on the floor, climbing in by me, tossing and turning, keeping me awake for about an hour after that. Sam climbed in to join us at 6 and I left to go to his bed. He followed me, tossed and turned for a good 45 minutes. Eventually we fell back asleep until 7:15, when Maddie came in to "snuggle" (read = talk my ears off while I muttered monosyllabic answers). The two left about 7:45 and I managed to eke out another half hour of sleep. Sigh.


To end on a happy note, today is the first day in three weeks that I'll attend Sunday services. Sick Mama, sick kids, etc. made for a long break from worship. Can't wait to sing praise songs, spend time with my church family, and reconnect with everyone. So good.

Happy Sabbath! May it be a day of rest for us all.

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

I love your random post :)
So excited you are having another squishy baby. Luke needs a friend!
I will be praying for you & Maddie this week. Praying that the 2nd week goes better than Friday. Love you!