Monday, September 10, 2012

a mug swappin' we will go

Several weeks ago I made a new friend. Well, many new friends, actually. All of them super bloggers, fun women with big hearts who happen to be friends with Mel.

Right after I started following Kim's blog, A Cuppa Kim, I read about her annual Mug Swap. You know those crazy old panty exchange/mail thingies? Well, this is nothing like that. :) Thank goodness. Those things were crazy pyramid schemes at their worst. The Mug Swap was simple, fun and full of joy. You sign up for the swap, get a name to send a mug to, and then receive a mug yourself. How fun is that? 

I shopped at Anthro, my go-to place for cute mugs, journals, and gifts. They have the cah-utest mugs in bright, happy colors. I sent a mug to the lovely Jessica over at Keeping up with the Johnsons. A perfect partner for me: she's a mom of two, church planter with a HUGE heart for people. Here's a shot of the package I sent her:

I was lucky to receive a mug from Ellen over at Just a Work in Progress. Teacher, traveler, lover of Jesus--need I say more? She had a cute little birdie theme going in her package of abundant love:

Being a newbie to the mug swap, I had no idea the generosity of fellow swappers. Ladies were including handmade items, hand-penned art, crafts, goodies, mug cozies. It was so fun to watch the instagram group pile up with photos day after day. I just sent Jessica a mug and my recipe for homemade chai. Next year I'll know to stick in extra goodies. :)

Thanks, Kim, for a super duper fun mug-swappin' adventure. Can't wait for next year! 

What kind of swap would interest you?

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

I LOVED the mug you got Jess! I saw it at anthro when I was buying my mug swap girl her mug, but I went with an initial mug for her. Your mug is super cute also! Yay! I'm still waiting for mine to arrive :(

Becky said...

I love Anthro. The initial mug and the one I chose were my finalists--how can you go wrong with so many cute choices?! Sorry you are still waiting. There must have been some crazy extenuating circumstances. :(

{cuppakim} said...

becky! i am so excited i got to meet you at mel's. and even more excited you swapped. :)

your cute anthro mug and packaging were adorable :)

i'm so glad you were a part of it!

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

Adore the Mug Ellen sent you. I just love that girl. What a blessing she is :)

If you are up for swapping again I'm hosting one this month and I'm really excited about it!

Jessica Johnson said...

Becky!!!!! My mug was gorgeous and perfect. I love it! And I can't wait to try your chai recipe. And I loved what you wrote on the back. I'm so glad Kim paired us up, crazy church planter wives!!! xxoo