Friday, September 07, 2012

Sam: 42 Months (3 1/2!)

Hey Little Buddy,

You're halfway through your third year! Hooray; and oh no! Half years are notoriously difficult; ask any mom. When you've made it six months past a birthday, it's as if all your internal working elements are spinning out of orbit. You're off balance, wonky, teetering in place. My mostly sweet and obedient boy changed almost overnight into a defiant man-child with a mind of his own.

(you're kind of a monkey; and yes, I know that is an ape)

There were several days this month where you spent a good portion of the day in time out. This does not work out well for either of us. A non-comprehensive tally of naughty things accomplished in one short month: you spit out peach juice and chewed-up bits all over Kelly's beautiful white kitchen. You hit friends with a plastic pirate sword. You removed your sister's fish from its tank, placed it in a toy bin, and covered it with books (Paz survived, much to everyone's relief and great surprise). You pooped in the backyard, then picked it up and added it to the compost. You had "BIG pee-pees" many times (AKA not paying attention and dousing the bathroom with your spray). 

There was the time you pooped on the floor when a babysitter was in charge of you plus four other kids. The neighbor's dog proceeded to eat your poop and then barf it up later on its own rug. A small incident turned into a story that has circulated the neighborhood with much laughter and shaking of heads. This is typical Sam: wherever you go, you leave a wake of laughter mixed with disbelief behind you.

Sam-Sam! I am praying for a uneventful 42nd month of life! Reading that short list has me exhausted and bemused. I can't believe that one little person can create such chaos!

One early morning last week we discovered Transformers: Rescue Bots on the TV. If any show could be a more perfect mashup of your all-time top interests, I couldn't imagine it. Robot (aliens) that turn into rescue heroes. You were SO excited! Maddie didn't share your excitement but we all appreciated the show that fit you like a glove.

Along with the naughties there were many sweet moments this month. When you talk about the new baby, it is with tenderness and excitement. You asked one morning if the baby could sleep with you in your bed, all night. When I laughed you looked at me with those big eyes, totally serious, and repeated your request. You really do want to snuggle this little baby through the night. If only it were so simple, I would grant your sweet little desire! 

Here's to another month, you sweet & naughty boy! May it bring oodles of joy, less time in the time out spot, and the sounds of laughter (and fire engine sounds) echoing throughout the house. I love you, my sweet 3 1/2 year old boy.



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