Thursday, October 04, 2012

a little sprucing up

I started prednisone about a week ago. One of the side effects is an increase in energy (and a decrease in sleep). Sam's been waking up around 5am most mornings this week and after a few days, I fell into the same routine. Well, give me coffee plus prednisone at 5:30am and I have THREE productive hours ahead of me before it's time for school.

Maybe it's pre-nesting phase, maybe it's the prednisone, WHATEVER. I have barely had enough energy to clean my kitchen for the past few months, let alone take on any extra projects that needed doing. Well, in the past week alone, let me share what I've accomplished:

all of my laundry is currently clean and put away...this is a freaking miracle!

I cleaned out both kids' closets, got rid of all the too-small clothes, and updated drawers with current-size hand-me-downs. yay for a whole new Fall wardrobe for Sam!

I made dinner. Three nights in a row. Involving three different dishes. Yes indeed.

Laid down the gauntlet with the insurance peeps and finally got my remicade approved! Praise Jesus!!

Organized the kids' toys in the garage, donated old items and cleaned and prepped good-condition items for consignment.

And this, my friends, is where my inaugural Pintertest Kitchen link-up comes in:

I love coconut oil and I noticed a while back on pinterest that you can make a natural goo be gone from coconut oil and baking soda. The items I'm taking to the consignment store include a beautiful PBKids kitchen and a Radio Flyer tricycle. Both of these items were covered in kid gunk. I think it was a combination of marker, ballpoint pen, sunblock, TBD snack item, dirt and those super annoying cheap foam stickers from the craft store that covered the once-white exterior of the kitchen. 
Well, I'm happy to report that with the use of my all natural (and great smelling!) goo be gone, a Mr. Clean magic eraser, a putty knife and a little elbow grease, the toys look awesome and totally ready for consignment!
I didn't take a before picture because I'm lazy. (Well, not too lazy because I worked hard getting all the gunk off, but, whatever.) You should know that the left front corner of the kitchen (near the fake burners) had two large foam stickers, marker and pen covering a good portion. Now there is just a trace amount of someone's ballpoint pen masterpiece. 
So, should you have any stickers, even the stickiest, gooiest, most stubborn cheap foam stickers, give the natural goo be gone a shot! I was pleasantly surprised. :)


{cuppakim} said...

you are a machine!!!

i love that you are utilizing the extra energy and getting all those things DONE.

i wish i would be more productive w/ my down time! i'm the worst at that.

also homemade goo gone is a great recipe to have on hand!

Margaret Harkin said...

That stovetop looks spotless! Love that you're bringing it to consignment, such a wise life choice. As a poor student who benefits from buying consignment stuff, I salute you.

Jessica said...

i have a couple things that need cleaning...i'm going to have to give this a try.

Jessica Johnson said...

Aghhh. Those foam stickers are my nemesis in life. Just the mere mention... And coconut is my favorite smell. A match made in heaven if you ask me. Sounds very interesting. Will have to try. Mads props on your laundry status. Can we invent something that does that for you? I'll Pintertest it for you. ;) So glad that you are feeling better!

Mindy said...

Nice job. It's good to hear that a homemade concoction works instead of being pinned a million times and it actually isn't that great. Looks good!