Tuesday, October 09, 2012

illuminated, again

In this season of great difficulty, I have felt bogged down with everything that is going wrong. My tendency is to worry, focusing on all the things that need fixing. But the scriptures are pretty clear here: turn your worries into prayers. Also, if you are going to take account of anything, it should be those worthy of praise--things true and pure and pleasing and honorable. 

Wow. That is a truly and exercise in trust, depending on God to take care of all the messes. Because really, when I spend time fretting and worrying, it is me seeking control of situations that aren't even in my ability to control. I'm seeking to be God when the reality is only God can fill that role. I am not in control at all, so why spend so much time and energy acting as if I am?!

When stressed or worried, pray. Then start to keep track of all the things God is doing that demand praise, worship and adoration. Focus on these things.

God help me! Turn my worries into prayers and focus my heart on your goodness and providence.

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