Monday, April 03, 2006

vacation goooood, work baaaad

After a five-day weekend, I'd really like to be back at home, on the couch, taking a post-lunch nap. Instead I'm ingesting diet soda (not good at all for me) to keep myself awake through the Monday afternoon slump. Why is it that even with a five-day weekend, I don't feel like I got enough rest?

Spring Forward (aka Daylight Savings) really stinks. I mean, it's one of the worst days of the year, losing an hour of sleep, then waking up to a dark morning instead of sunbeams and chirping birds. I think the effects of that one day have carried well into my week.

And what is it with the rain? The forecasters predict 2 more weeks of rain, and already we've had over seven inches in the past month! We're beating the Pacific Northwest in rainfall. What's up with that?

Let's see, what else can I be grumpy about today?

6 month evaluations coming up at work, a supervisor who keeps reminding me, and a stack of referrals so big I wonder how I'll see all the kids within a month!

Eating too much junk on vacation and now getting back into the swing of triathlon training/diet.

The fact that since we started a new small group study series, my time with the Lord has totally suffered, and the fact that I blame it on not having the daily workbook exercises to help me "look forward" to these times.

Trying to sell our other car and having it not pass smog and then putting another $800 into it in order to sell the stupid thing.

Having secondary insurance but then no providers actually bill secondary which means I have to spend at least two hours on the phone every week getting people to pay for things. Oh, and my primary insurance which keep denying coverage on infertility treatments, though I have called a few times, and they keep saying "oops! You're right, we shouldn't be denying, we should be paying!" Argh.

I apologize to all of you out there who know me as an optimistic, Pollyanna-type person. Today's a rough day, and I can't exactly vent to my teen clients. So you out in cyberland get to act as my empathic listener for a day. Lucky you.

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