Friday, April 28, 2006

queen of indecision and obsession

How is it possible that if you ask me about my week, I'd say it flew by, but the two week wait seems unbearably slow and arduous?!

I'm thinking about babies non-stop. It's a total baby stream of consciousness. I'm even dreaming about babies. Call it baby OCD.

My dear husband, who knows my tendencies toward obsession and indecision, said to me tonight at dinner, "Why don't we pick a day to take a pregnancy test so we (read: YOU) don't stress (read: OBSESS) about it? Then we can stick to the date and feel okay about it."

Pretty good idea. I've already thought about it like 58 times in the past three days. And I waffle, of course, between just a little bit early (day 26 or 27) and waiting until day 29 (when Aunt Flow is expected).

So I told Ben that I already picked a day, day 29, and we could plan on that. It made the most sense because that is when the doctors recommend.

Good. Done.

About five minutes later, I said "But I can always take one early if I change my mind."

And he laughed. Sweet husband.

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