Thursday, April 06, 2006

babies babies everywhere

Is anyone else just totally sick of hearing about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' coming attraction? I know I am. And Brangelina's, too. As if following the love lives of the rich and famous isn't bad enough, but we also have to hear every detail about their unborn babies. Is it a girl? A boy? Oooh, they bought a pink blanket for $400. But, wait! Now they're purchasing a blue outfit with matching blue uggs for only $275! What the heck?! We must know the sex of Tomkitten/brangelinita!

You are probably wondering how I know so much about the "most beautiful unborn people in the world." I'll admit that I do read an occasional People magazine, but only on vacation. And I will visit every once in a while, but more to read the witty celebrity-bashing humor than to get the dirt. Yeah.

One of my dear friends, who is also trying to get pregnant, told me when Britney conceived that she was pissed. Mostly mad that silly Britney could get pregnant at the drop of the hat (and then make poor safety decisions, to boot, as evidenced by driving with baby on lap). Meanwhile there are those of us who have waited and waited, each month looking for the two pink lines.

Sometimes it feels like others' joy is thrown in your face, to the tune of the paparazzi who chronicle every little news blip about the hollywood babes' babies. Enough. For the time being I am going to boycott entertainment news.

At least until katie thomasina or angela bradini is born.

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