Tuesday, April 04, 2006

triathlon training, part 2

I find it difficult to train for a triathlon when the rain just won't let up. I can't spend 5 days a week in the pool and expect to do well in the running and biking legs of the race.

But, complaining aside, I do have some improvement to report:
-I used to hate running. Hate. Last week I ran 35 minutes and enjoyed myself the entire time. The longest I'll have to run in training is 39 minutes, so I'm feeling rather proud.
-On Sunday, I did a brick workout including 22 minutes of swimming sprints and a hilly bike ride. Ben said at the beginning of the ride that our goal was 45 minutes, and then we clocked in at 41, which he called "impressive."
-I totally enjoy swimming, and can easily freestyle for 35 minutes or more, completing upwards of 3/4 of a mile.
-I haven't missed a workout in weeks. I've been following my training plan almost to a T, and the workouts continue to be enjoyable.
-Back pain? What back pain? Haven't had problems with my lower back in months, and I know it has to do with 1) losing weight, 2) exercising regularly, 3) excellent chiropractic care.

All in all, I shouldn't really be complaining. It was raining hard at 6am this morning, but by the time I'd laced up my shoes and leashed the pooch, it was clear for a good thirty minutes.

I'm looking forward to picking another race to train for after this triathlon is over. :)

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