Wednesday, August 22, 2012

random thoughts on wednesday

Sam woke at 6:00 this morning having soaked through his pull-up. Last week I changed his sheets 3 times. This is not a fun way to start your day.

Maddie woke up shortly after and joined Sam in his rinse-off shower. The two played for twenty minutes or so while Mama & Daddy snatched a few more minutes in bed. 

Topics covered/things overheard as they showered:
  • who gets to stand in the water spray and for how long (a complicated formula based on when one entered shower, how long said person has been in water, the degree of coldness one is experiencing, etc.)
  • only mamas with babies have milk in their boobies (Sam is convinced he has milk, much to Maddie's consternation)
  • boys and girls have different, ahem, apparatuses, for emptying their bodies of urine (time for separate showers?)
  • a loud, joyful, smile-inducing rendition of "Heaven Fall Down" sung by two sweet little voices (my favorite part of the morning so far)
The Psalms continue to speak to me. I'm so thankful that the Word of God has real-life applications. When my heart struggles to believe, I can read the words of saints past who had their moments of doubt and disbelief as well. When my heart is rejoicing, I can read words of joy and faith and celebration.

A multi-day diet of bananas, yogurt, chicken soup and applesauce leaves MUCH to be desired.

On the above diet: it's advisable to avoid watching hours upon hours of the food network when 1) pregnant, and 2) on a restricted diet. (If I lived in NYC, I seriously would have hailed a cab and high-tailed it to the asian fusion dive featuring hand-pulled, wok-tossed noodles, handmade potstickers, and crispy slow-cooked beef sandwiches. Oh dear.)

On the above tv-watching marathon: in an effort to save money, we now receive the following cable channels: local tv (snore), kids' channels (nice at 6am), HGTV and the Food Network. Yeah, about that: ugh.

My friends are the best of any friends. This week I'm thankful for play dates, encouraging texts, verses, prayers, Facebook statuses, warm meals for my family, groceries delivered, flowers in vases, substitute mamas who love and care for my kids like I do, long weekend sleepovers with Aunties and Boppas, & free housekeeping. I am so, so, SO BLESSED.

Um, I'm pregnant. Being so sick has kind of overshadowed this fact. Every once in a while it hits me afresh: I'M PREGNANT. There will be another member of our family in less than 30 weeks. Yikes. Yay. Crazy. Overwhelmed. Overjoyed. Can you say complicated emotions?

I'm going to get some bloodwork done today, some ordered by my ob/gyn and some ordered by my gastroenterologist. Pending the results, I might be going back on prednisone. Oh, the dreaded prednisone. It makes me a crazy person. I have never experienced anxiety, insomnia, joint pain and racing thoughts like I do on steroids. Praying for a miracle in my body.

Taking 15 pills at breakfast time, half of which are ENORMOUS, makes me gag. Just looking at the pile sitting next to me right now, waiting to be swallowed, makes my stomach turn. Thankful for healing meds and supplements, yet wishing I could just receive them intravenously. lazy.

Bananas are my best friend. I have eaten at least two bananas every day since I was first pregnant. Some days I eat upwards of four. Folks, that is a resounding 64-plus bananas. Many bunches. Loads of potassium. Happy sweet, starchy, staving-off-nausea fruity goodness.

I haven't done my hair in over a week. I'm thinking about cutting it all off. Ready for a change.

Ok. That's it. Pills still sitting next to me, waiting, taunting. Ready for another banana. 


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