Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Maddie: 67 Months

Dear Maddie,

Like I mentioned a week ago in Sam's post, forgive me for missing last month's update. You're just as marvelous as ever. No amount of posting could even come close to cataloguing the joy that it is to be a part of your life every day!

That said, you are quite a joy these days. This past month has been full of new adventures and fun goings-on, and you've handled it all with your usual fearlessness, joy and both-feet-jumping-in attitude. You went on your first overnight fishing trip with Daddy, a trip that just cemented the fact that you are SO MUCH your father's daughter. Two passionate, focused individuals, crazy about catching big fish, spending one-on-one time together. How much more fun does it get?!

You learned this month that you're going to be a big sister, once again. For about five minutes, you were sure that we were teasing you and refused to believe us, walking around with your eyes averted and arms crossed. Once we had finally convinced you that we are indeed going to have another baby, you jumped and leapt and sang for joy! You could hardly contain your excitement and began telling anyone who would listen, "We're going to have another baby!!" 

You've started talking to my belly, intent on familiarizing our newest family member with your voice. This is all in response to one of your all-time favorite stories: Daddy singing "Jesus Loves Me" over and over to my belly while pregnant with you, so much so that when you started to cry in the hospital when placed on the warming bed, he started singing and instantly your eyes widened, you turned your head in his direction, and stopped crying. So sweet. If this baby has half the love that your brother does for you, well, it will be a whole lot of sister love!

Two weeks from today you will start Kindergarten. How is it possible?! I keep telling people that you were ready for school right out of the womb, and it is definitely true, but I had no idea how fast five and a half years would pass by. Gone are the lazy days of staying in our jammies and watching cartoons. Soon our mornings will be go-go-go as we get you and your brother off to school. It makes me equal parts sad and excited: sad that our long days together are coming to an end; excited for you and the joy that awaits you in school. You are going to thrive in Kindergarten. Your teachers are going to love you. (But I'm gonna miss you!)

Thanks for reminding us to take time to cartwheel through the grass, look for snails in the bushes, savor each bite of a s'more, snuggle in the morning, and the importance of saying "I love you." You are such a fun, funny, delightful, imaginative, spunky girl. 



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