Tuesday, June 05, 2012

all about as the noonday

Well, hello there, dear readers.

I'm Becky, author of this here blog. The above picture was taken in Kauai, my happy place (if you couldn't already tell by the excitement on my face and in my bulging neck veins).

I was born July 9, 1978 to an Eskimo family in the great Alaskan wilderness.

Just kidding. I think that's just some fancy photo props. I lived almost my entire childhood on an idyllic, verdant 33-acre property in Sandy, Oregon. I have the best family in the whole world.

I'm married to Ben. We'll be celebrating 12 years of wedded bliss in just a few weeks. Being married twelve years makes me sound old, but we were just young'ns when we tied the knot. He is my best friend and just about the smartest person I've ever met. He also makes me laugh and scratches my back when it's itchy.

I have two kids: Maddie is 5 and Sam is 3. Maddie is compassionate, smart, energetic, talkative, sensitive, witty, creative & funny. Every day occurrences include: drawing pictures, helping her little brother, feeding her pet fish Paz and talking my ears off. Sam is all boy, athletic, funny, loud, cuddly, sweet, ornery & affectionate. If you were to follow him around, you'd probably vacillate between, "Aw, isn't that cute?" and, "OH MY GOSH, he's going to kill himself trying that!"

I'm a stay at home Mama and church planter. My hubby and I recently planted Soma Communities of San Ramon Valley. He's the pastor, I'm his number-one support person, and we are quite a team. We love Jesus, adore our community, and feel like we won the lottery every day we get to journey closely with folks in passionate pursuit of Christ, as well as those who've never encountered his radical grace.

I love writing, baking, trying new recipes, taking pictures, instagram (username: beckyjoyce), hiking, hanging out with friends, hosting barbecues, drinking wine, staying healthy, reading, sitting in the sunshine, vacation, and family.

If you've managed to follow all that, please take a minute to notice my new option of following this blog.

If you've been reading my posts for a while or just a bit, would you consider being a follower?

I'd love to know who's out there, reading these random bits of information. And I'd love the chance to follow you, too.




bonnieb said...

This blog rocks! xoxp

Jeymmy and Jason said...

Hi Becky,
It's me, jeymmy, from TVHC. I've been following your blog for a while now and I think it's great! You are such a great mommy and inspire me to be more patient with my Emily! Also, reading your blog always reminds me that Jesus is always with us and that I need to talk with him more and rely on him when I feel I'm running on empty! Thank you! :)

Becky said...

Jeymmy--that's just about the best comment I've ever received. I love encouraging other moms and I'm so grateful to know in some way this blog helps. :) XOXO (and of course I remember you!)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Woo-hoo! Love you & your blog! I read it all the time, but, I don't see a follower thingy for me to become an official follower. Help! :)

Becky said...

Hey Mel! Right now the option is to follow by email. Over on the side tab under the profile. Hugs!