Monday, May 28, 2012

how he loves: an update on my health

It was eight weeks ago that I came home from a 12-day stint in the hospital. If you haven't read my original post (I know it's long), you should start there. Some amazing stuff happened in that hospital room. And while I wouldn't wish incredible pain or suffering on anyone that I love, I have an entirely new perspective on what it means to experience the overwhelming grace of God, and I would not, for a minute, exchange the experience I had for a life without suffering.

You may or may not recall that in the hospital, the status of my ulcerative colitis was changed from moderate to severe. I lost fifteen pounds in about two weeks and could not keep any food in my body for many days. There were three days in the hospital where I was basically in a sedated sleep because it was the pain and vomiting were so intense I could barely call my nurses for help. It was scary, overwhelming, and the entire situation was completely out of my hands.

Last week I met with my naturopath to review some of the tests she ordered after I came home from the hospital. Against my gastroenterologist's advice, I decided to hold off on the immuno-suppressing, bank account-draining infusions and try some other, more natural avenues first. My naturopath ordered a few tests. The first was a complete metabolic/nutritional panel that measured what vitamins, minerals, or enzymes my body was deficient in, and also assessed how efficiently my body was digesting and metabolizing food. The second test measured the number of beneficial and harmful flora in my gut. I also had some blood tests done to measure my levels of vitamin D, among other things.

The results showed that I'm deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals: oleic acid, insulin, calcium, zinc, and vitamin K2. However, I'm basically borderline deficient in everything except zinc, which was my lowest mineral by far. Both my antioxidant functioning and my immune system registered in the average levels. There are LOADS of beneficial flora in my gut, more so than my naturopath has ever seen in someone who has my disease. However, I do have quite a bit of one particular dysbiotic flora, and some flora that are out of balance. I have no abnormal yeasts, no blood and no mucous. This is HUGE. Basically before going into the hospital I was losing a ton of blood and mucous (ulcers in your colon = lots of blood. Body trying to heal itself from the inside out = lots of mucous).

The naturopath basically said for someone who had so recently left the hospital, with a condition as severe as mine, she is amazed at how healthy I am. All of my numbers show an average, healthy person!! There's a little work to be done but I am BEYOND GRATEFUL to Jesus for healing me, protecting me, and restoring my body to health.

Right now the plan is to continue with my colitis anti-inflammatory drug (asacol), and a killer round of vitamins, minerals, and gastrointestinal support supplements (to remove the bad bacteria/flora) as well as replenishing and rebuilding supplements (probiotics and fish oil). All in all, I'll taking TWELVE vitamins and supplements. My daily routine is pretty crazy and I have to write it out so I remember everything to take at what meal. :) I've also been strictly following the specific carbohydrate diet. I haven't eaten a single carb, grain or sugar since I left the hospital.

But here's even more good news: she believes that my nutritional deficiencies can be turned around in 3 months and my gut flora rebalanced within 1 month. HOW GOOD IS THAT?!

I've been feeling really good, almost back to normal, but having the science to back it up is just such wonderful, awesome news. I'm so grateful for a naturopath who has been so caring and responsive, for my friends and family who've allowed me to rest and recuperate since coming home from the hospital, and most of all to my Heavenly Father, the Great Healer and Provider, who has done an amazing work not only in my body but also in my spirit. To him be all glory and power and praise!!

For more information on the diet, see the original site or read the book. My naturopath is Dr. Melody Wong and you can read more on her site as well.

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Tiffany said...

First of all, sorry you were in the hospital. I understand this unfortunate situation, I truly truly do. Secondly, Yes, God is Good! And I am glad to hear your health is in His hands. Sounds like you have a good team of people looking after you, both in traditional medicine and natural medicine.