Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sabbath Adventures: Don Pedro with Friends

Last Thursday our friends and fellow church planters the Foxes invited us out for a day on their boat. Don Pedro is their "happy place" and we're so glad they asked us along. We spent the entire day relaxing, floating, tubing, eating, talking, sun-bathing, and laughing. What an amazing day!

Maddie and Ben were the first to tube. Our little adventurer had a super fun time and kept giving the thumbs-up sign for "Faster!"

Their faces were almost identical: broad smiles and laughter the entire ride!

Sam wasn't so sure about the whole tubing thing to start, but was very happy to hang out on the boat and watch the tubers enjoying themselves. 

Next Ezra, Rebecca and Maddie went for a slow ride. We think Ezra enjoyed himself, but the serious faces made their debut. 

The fellas:

We eventually got Sam on the tube, under the guise of wrestling with Daddy. As the rope lengthened, he grabbed onto the hand-holds and ended up having a great time. He had perma-grin for the entire tube ride until he eventually laid down and tired out. Here they are after their fun ride:

Later that afternoon, Brian gave us a great time on the tube, impressing us with centrifugal force and eventually doing everything possible to toss us off the tube. It was SO fun. Ben and I got to ride together at the very end of the day and we enjoyed a good laugh before flying off at high speeds and skidding across the water. A few days later, my pecs and lats are super sore and the skin is rubbed raw on my knees and wrists, where I hung on for dear life to that tube!

Thanks Brian, Rebecca, Ezra and Ethan for a fabulous day on the lake!

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