Friday, May 18, 2012

good eats, good reads

Check out the links below for some awesome inspiration in both the kitchen and in life!

good eats:

Joy the Baker has this uncanny ability for coming up with recipes that are precisely what I'm craving, before I could even put words to it. This week I was stopped in my tracks by both her blue cheese, hazelnut & honey polenta as well as the asparagus tart. Tune in next week to see my SCD rendition of the tart. (spoiler alert: I loved it).

My neighbor Danielle writes about her tom kha gai recipe, "This soup is my chicken noodle soup." I couldn't agree more. Have a cold? Need a comfort dish? Try this soup!

Roost has done it again with an absolutely stunning cake. Not like I needed an excuse, but both my anniversary and birthday are quickly approaching. I see a multi-layered, strawberry-studded vision in my near future.

good reads:

If I had to choose a last meal, it would be cheese. No doubt about it. David Lebovitz' post on a cheese shop in Paris had me swooning, drooling, and searching priceline for cheap cross-Atlantic flights.

I go through a crazy amount of honey each week. I'm really thankful I can buy a three-pack of organic goodness at my local Costco and don't have to climb up rope ladders in pursuit of the golden delight.

Kristen has done it again. The girl gets me going with her insightful, hard-hitting blog posts. I've seen this post making its way around fb and I hope it gets pinned a million times. It's that good.

Happy Weekend, dear readers! 

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