Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sabbath Adventures: Chichis & Pupus with Friends

While we were still in Hawaii, we texted our BFFs the following:
Friday: Chichis & Pupus
We're bringing some of the islands home!

Tonight we gathered for a much-needed reunion of the clan with a pupu spread to knock your socks off:

Some people might just think of throwing together chips and salsa. Oh no. We done did this thing up ri-ight. Steamed artichokes, grilled vegetable paninis, brie & mango quesadillas, fresh veggies, coconut-cashew chicken and fish sticks, almond shrimp with papaya butter, fruit, and grilled mahi mahi with coconut curry vegetables. Double to the yum.

Ben shook up some mai tais. I threw together some gut-friendly chichis and pomegranate-lime vodka tonics. (I'll post recipes if folks are interested).

We dined.

And then we played.

Chess nerds unite!

KK was the pet kitty in her cage.

Free at last!

Sidewalk chalk + girly love = precious

aaand...they were still at it when i finally pulled my biggest kid away to head home.

Nothing like a night with friends to start your weekend out on the right note.

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