Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Samuel: 19 Months

Hey There Sweet Cheeks,

So you survived another month as a toddler. Congratulations! It seems you are full of mischief these days, glancing my way to see if I happen to be watching before you go gallivanting off. You are funny and precocious, happy and laid-back, sneaky and charming. It is quite the combination.

You have basically two speeds these days: stop-and-smell-the-roses and warp speed/all-systems-go. I feel like I'm either dragging you along when we are in a hurry to get somewhere (school, church, basically everywhere these days because I can't seem to get three individual people fed and clothed and out the door), or I'm chasing you down some crazy, twisted path trying to get you to come back. You love the chase and will giggle, toss your head back and forth, and flail all limbs as you run squealing, away from safety.

Luckily for me, you are a cuddler of the highest order. You love kisses and hugs, loves and snuggles. Thank goodness for that! I can always count on some sweet loves from my boy, and you are so affectionate with your Daddy when he leaves for work or gets home at the end of a long day. You will even hug or kiss Maddie if she's not demanding or squeezing it from you. (We're working on that, brother, I promise).

You love to do all kinds of art and creative work. You will walk decidedly toward the laundry closet, open the doors, point at the art supplies and grunt until I acquiesce. If I let you, you would paint every day. Unfortunately, you love to paint furniture, toys and yourself much more than the art paper and poster board. Figures.

You are starting to do more and more "big kid" things, like picking up tools and using them appropriately (such as sweeping the walk, below). This morning I walked out of my room to find you had dragged the potty into the hall and were sitting, holding a newspaper in one hand and a wad of toilet paper in the other. I nearly died (and then subsequently wished I had a camera in my hand, but alas, no such luck). You love to sit on the potty (clothed), wipe your leg (of course) with toilet paper, and then flush the paper down the big toilet.

You love to throw and kick balls, toss a football, pick out rocks to throw off the bridge into the stream, knock things down, hammer with all kinds of objects, and generally weave a path of destruction wherever you go. Just today, in the split second between putting the blender jar on the counter and grabbing some frozen fruit from the freezer, you pulled the heavy glass jar off the counter and onto your foot. Thank goodness you walked away with nothing more than a superficial cut. You push little chairs and side tables all over the house, thus having access to just about every surface, nook and cranny available. I am constantly on my toes, finding things you can reach and putting them safely away, above my head.

Your obsession with all things wheeled continues strong. Today we spent the last of your birthday bookstore gift card (thanks, Grammy!) on a motorcycle book, with real spinning wheels. We read it before bedtime, then two other books. When I had turned out the light and finished singing songs, you grunted and groaned, reaching down for your book, all the while exclaiming "Brooooom! Brooom!" I grabbed your book and you snuggled right down in the crib, blankie in one hand, motorcycle in the other.

Words just can't describe what a joy you are: constantly laughing, smiling, easygoing and full of life. You bring a richness of love and new depths of fun to our family. Happy 19 Months, sweet Samuel. Your Mama loves you!



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Miss G said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. 10 on 10 is so much fun. I'm enjoying looking at your blog. love the photo of our little one sweeping in this post. Kelly