Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sabbath Adventures: Carmel

This past Friday, Ben and I had the pleasure of getting away overnight to a *positively delightful* little "cabbage" in Carmel. ("Cabbage" is Maddie's combination of cabin and cottage, though the place in which we stayed is far too nice to be called any of those things. It more like charming french countryside home meets beach bungalow. Some friends from church have let us stay at their place before, and it is SUCH a blessing.

After 24 hours away, we were missing our little bugs, and they arrived just in time with Tutu and Boppa in tow:

laughing at Boppa popping the kelp

enjoying the laughter

chasing seagulls

Saturday night we all went out to an early dinner at la bicyclette, one of our favorite restaurants in Carmel. The meal was awesome, and I was able to eat almost everything! Maddie wanted to wear a dress and kept asking about our "fancy" meal. She was quite the little lady, and even got to wear her clip-clop (read: heeled dress-up) shoes to dinner. After dinner we said goodbye to Tutu and Boppa and went back to our cozy little place. Maddie slept in the "princess room," so named for its glorious silk bedding, large pillows, luxurious curtains and lady portraits.

On Sunday we spent three hours exploring Point Lobos. We peeked in tide pools, played chase with the lapping waves, climbed rocks, and hiked trails.

On this little beach the waves would crash and recede so fast, carrying thousands of good-sized rocks with it, that the air was filled with the music of pebble on pebble, like an enormous rain stick, melodious and percussive.

Maddie astounded us with her abandon and sense of adventure, scaling large sandstone formations, bouldering, and getting just-so-close to the edge. Sam was happy just to throw rocks into the water, splash in little pools, and follow us around (or run away, depending on the minute).

Dada and Maddie on top of the rock they scaled.

a montage of the beautiful colors among the rocks

At the end of the road at Point Lobos, we took a quick jaunt toward Bird Island, dropping down to the most gorgeous white sand China Beach. There were caves to explore, egrets fishing among the floating kelp, and this cute little guy who kept popping his head up and watching us.

We also got to watch a sea otter playing in the waves at another beach!

At China Beach Ben snapped some great photos of me and the kids. This is my fave:

Here's a view of the South side of China Beach, where two little tunnels are carved in the rocks.

Back at the "cabbage," we played chase around the house, admiring all the delightful garden gnomes, dancing in the small playhouse, and spreading the family love.

And, wonder of wonders, we even got a fairly decent family shot:

Hooray for a three-day Sabbath Adventure! We needed it!

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

What a fun long weekend! So happy you guys got to get away! Carmel is so great! And, I LOVE the picture of you with Maddie & Sam!