Thursday, October 14, 2010

pretty little things

Thing one:

Thing two:

Thing one and Thing two!

And speaking of pretty little things, isn't this the sweetest little package?

I found Trish's shop through Blessed Little Nest last week during their big giveaway.
(Mel's goods were part of the giveaway!)

Anyway, when I saw these little blue beauties I just had to have them!

Best part: 10% of the profits go to the homeless! Maddie is so glad!
(Speaking of Thing one, I wish I had a picture of the darling peach box wrapped in its robin's egg blue satin ribbon, but shortly after I tore through the packaging, Maddie had run off with the ribbon, for some project, I'm sure!)

And as a special bonus, Trish threw in a few handmade hair ties because I found her through the giveaway.

Check out Trish and all the other amazing shops on etsy. What a great way to shop for Christmas. Hooray for pretty little things!

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

oh my gosh those earrings are SOOOOO cute. I LOVE them. And, how sweet is that for her to throw in the hair bands?!? And, love that 10% goes to a homeless shelter. Off to go check out her store :)