Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fall is Here: Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

First of all, a retrospective:

Monday was a fun day for us. We headed to the pumpkin patch with a bunch of Maddie's classmates from the Yellow Room. We arrived shortly after Nicole and Kelly, much to the girls' delight. They are crazy about each other.

G & M Farms in Livermore is a great place to go! For only $6, we got a hay ride, lesson about the life cycle of a pumpkin, lots of fun activities including a corn box, petting farm and playground, not to mention a pumpkin, gourd and indian corn to take home!

Maddie is over 3 feet tall! ("But I'm almost four, Mama! Four!") No use explaining height versus age. She moved on quickly.

Kel snapped this great shot of me and the kiddos. I was not at all prepared for how cold it would be. Thankfully I packed a vest and sweater for the kids but we all could have used winter coats!

Sam scooping and dumping out in the corn box (like a sand box but with dried corn kernels; so much fun!)

Fun photo-op "cows" to climb on. Sam says, "Moooo!"

Maddie and her "enormous" pumpkin!

My two little pumpkins with their big ones!


The Holbrook Family said...

you're so pretty :)

bonnieb said...

So much fun with friends and hay rides and pumpkins! Wow!