Friday, October 08, 2010

Becky & Mel Meet Bakerella!

Today was a great day in blogland. We got to meet the one and only Bakerella, maker of (Martha Stewart) famous cake pops! Mel informed me a few weeks back that a book signing was coming up, and so today we made the trek up to Walnut Creek to check it out.

Here we are waiting in line outside. Thankfully we were in the shade most of the time, and it wasn't a very hot day! We were numbers 33 and 34, and we're not exactly sure, but it looked like over 200 people showed up by the time everything got underway. Crazy, right?

We arrived a little early, waited in line for over a half hour, and then smooshed into the tiny space in Williams Sonoma to attend the Bakerella Q & A. Unfortunately, there were a few disgruntled folks and rabble rousers, so not only was it so hard to actually see but you could hardly hear!

Here's a little view of the line once we got inside the store. It was a pretty organized effort, but we still were there almost two hours, waiting in line most of the time. So glad I had a friend to chat with!

Here's Mel, meeting the cake pop queen herself. She was seriously so nice and so humble in person. When answering a question, she referred to herself as "not really even a baker." There were audible gasps. Bakerella is an artist when it comes to confectionary delights!

The self-promoting setup by the Q & A section of the store:

Here I am with Bakerella, aka Angie Dudley! Funny thing: I don't think I even exchanged any words with her. It was such a process getting up there, having your page opened to the correct place, sticky note with your name how you wanted it written attached to the opposite page, handing camera off to employee to snap photo, grabbing camera to snap own photos, receiving promo buttons from another get the picture. Whole lot of shuffling, not a lot of talking! Oh well.

And here's the two of us! Now we can't wait to get started on our own cake pops.

*shot with Mel's camera (sorry employee; I didn't get your name to give you props for the pics of us girls!)

Happy Baking!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

yay!! So glad we got to experience Bakerella together! :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Yesterday was so much fun!! I loved hanging out with you and Mel in line!

bonnieb said...

You two are so cute and the Bakerella is pretty sweet looking too. :o)

Miss G said...

My mom bought her book for me! fun. Kelly

jo said...

Hi Becky! So great to meet and hang out with you at the Bakerella signing! Love your blog - added it to my Google Reader! :)