Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Bucket List: peach picking

Monday afternoon we headed to Moffatt & Moffatt in Brentwood to pick some peaches. 

Sam heard we were going to a farm and decided cowboy attire was in order:

At our first stop, Maddie & Daddy got right to work. Cowboy had to poke around a bit.

And rest in the shade. It was 92 degrees and I think the leather chaps were making him a little hot...

Long-legged Maddie had no problem reaching the peaces and nectarines:

There was plenty of fruit to be found:

Sam found ladders and then he was all about the peach picking!

Ladders make the job SUPER FUN!

We may have done some sampling...

More ladder shots:

Orchard lines:

Maddie picked a little less than twenty pounds of peaches & nectarines all by herself!

Sam just had to check out the farm equipment. He is his Papa's boy!

We highly recommend Moffatt & Moffatt. The sweetest old lady talked and talked to us about her kids and grandkids while she made Evan smile. And at $1/pound, how can you go wrong??

With our load, I froze two bags of sliced, peeled peaches for smoothies, etc. I made two quarts of peach-infused vodka. I made peach ice cream. AND we gave lots away. The final fruit is in our basket on the counter, rapidly disappearing. 

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{cuppakim} said...

i LOVE these pictures. the one of maddie holding out the peach is amazing!
makes me hungry for a sweet, juicy peach! :)