Monday, July 15, 2013

Evan: Months 3 & 4

Dear Little Evany boo boo,

Thank you for putting up with this and many, many other nicknames. You're just too sweet and too cute, so we dream up all kinds of things to call you. Like Mr. Poo, as in, "Call me Mister Poo." Or Ev, Evey, Mr. E, Easy E, and the like. Sometimes, when I'm getting really out of control with the smoochy shmoos, you'll shoot me this look:

Four months going on fourteen. Already annoyed with the Mama. :)

But, seriously, you are such a well-loved boy. Your Mama loves you, your Daddy loves you, your Maddie is absolutely crazy about you, and Sam the big brother is pretty gaga too. What's not to love? You are sweet, smiley, pretty easy going, and full of coos and smiles for anyone who happens to look at you.

By the time we visited Oregon, you had already been on three plane flights. And you are a flying pro! Hardly any crying, nursing during takeoff, and sleeping most of the flights. I'm SO grateful for how easy you are, most of the time. 

What is not so easy, my friend, is the sleeping arrangement. Whereas your two older siblings managed to sleep 8 hours at 8 weeks, 10 hours at 10, through the night by 3 months, you are still waking up 2-3 times a night. You love to nurse, you love to snuggle close. You do NOT like to sleep alone. But we'll keep trying. One of these days you will sleep a long, hard stretch (so far your record is 7 hours, 3 or 4 times in the past month).

You are still our smallest boy, weighing in around the 25th percentile. Your skin is porcelain white and smooth and your eyes are still blue, though it looks as if they're lightening up from the inside out (maybe a greenish hue?) You have much of your dark newborn hair still, even after two trims. Underneath there is soft, light, reddish-toned hair growing in. I'm so curious to see where things settle and who you most resemble. Maddie & Sam had many similarities, but you are so far your own little guy with unique characteristics.

Right now, I'm thankful for the swing, play mat, and exersaucer, which you tolerate for 10-20 minutes at a time, affording me two free hands for folding laundry, doing dishes, or making meals. Otherwise, you can be found happily dozing or cooing away in my arms or the ergo. You are definitely a snuggler.

Our little caboose baby, I just can't imagine life without you. Things are definitely more busy, more chaotic, and less restful, but you have brought increasing amounts of joy and love and laughter into our home and family. You are so loved.



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