Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maddie: Months 77 & 78

Dear Kindergarten Graduate,

School's out for the Summer!! Congratulations on finishing your first year of elementary education!! We are SOOOOO proud of you! 

You also finished your first softball season! We had SO much fun watching you learn to play a new sport. Not at all surprising, you caught on quickly to most of the required skills (throwing took a bit longer) and enjoyed the game. Your parents especially enjoyed watching you assist with "outs," hit the ball hard, and encourage your teammates. 

Some of my favorite moments from the past few months include listening to you croon. You do a pretty great job of channeling both your inner Taylor Swift & Bing Crosby. You switch between "I knew you were trouble when you walked iiinnnn" and "I see skies of bluuuue, clouds of whiiite." It's such joy to my heart. You've also got some pretty awesome dance moves.

On your last day of school, we got a creative packet full of your artwork from the year. On one particular project you mentioned that when you grow up, you want to be a mommy. Just last week you told the nail technician you wanted to preach the gospel at church and tell people about Jesus, but you also wanted to be a mommy. This fills my heart with gladness. You will be an amazing mom, and you are already amazing at telling and showing people about the love of Jesus.

In what has been a few of the craziest months of our lives, you've been an amazing source of grace, kindness, love and help. You have been so patient with me, in the midst of having a new baby, dealing with lots of transitions, and often having your needs put off while I tend to one of your brothers. Through it all, you are so gentle and understanding. You rush to Evan's side when he cries. You help feed bottles and change diapers. You wait while everyone else's needs are met. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so impressed not only with your level of maturity but with the grace in which you handle all of this mess. I can learn from you.

Our trip to Oregon brought some super fun times for you this month: marshmallow roasting (and a super messy face), fireworks, lots of time with cousins, creek exploring, river dipping, grandma mimi visiting, grammy snuggling, papa teasing, and good old-fashioned family fun. It was so fun to see you play with your cousins Grace, Liz and Elijah. It was exciting to see you jump from a rock into the rushing waters of the river and your daddy's outstretched arms. It was a joy to see you in your quieter moments, pensive, taking things in.

Happy 6 1/2, my sweet girl! I'm so lucky to be your Mama.



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