Friday, July 12, 2013

Adventures as of Late: a Photo Extravaganza!

Some of the things we've been up to since school got out:

Summer Fun List: Donut Date

 Tomales Bay Oyster Co. for Father's Day

Pioneer Woman Blogger Party at Mel's

 SoCal for a pastors retreat with my hubster and the babe

 Stone Brewery!

 I finished my own beer (for the 2nd time ever in my life)

 I sent the big kids (home with Tutu, Boppa & Jennie) a pic of me eating huge mussels

 fun in the big hotel bed

Picked up the kids in Oakland and caught a flight to beautiful Oregon

 Some treasures from my storage boxes in my parents' store room: a poster circa 1988 and an awesome Christmas pullover.

 Ben having fun in the music room at OMSI

 E didn't really like his siblings' idea of a good time

 Great Grandma Mimi

Beautiful Mt. Hood 

 Enjoying (truly!) a hoppy IPA

 tired out little guy

Hood River brewery tour 

 Celebrated our 13th (and mom and dad's 41st) anniversary on July 1

Scenes from our early 4th celebration with the Painter family:

My 35th Birthday: a pool party and lots of sangria

 birthday brunch with the besties

 buddies Kirra, Maddie & Nicole

 Kelly & Berkeley

SO thankful for good friends to celebrate with!

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Meaghan said...

I loved getting to see your travels through your photos. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!