Sunday, July 01, 2012


Dear Ben,

Every month I get to write two letters: one to our precious daughter and another to our adorable son. Approaching what will be our twelfth anniversary, I realized one of the most valuable gifts I could give you this year is the gift of your own letter. So here you have it, my love: a list of just some of the things I love about you...

Of first importance, I love how Christ is growing in you. In the past few years I've seen you grow in grace, in love and compassion, in true empathy, and in gentleness. In many ways God is growing and maturing you into the pastor you've always wanted to be: not just a man after God's own heart but a man who embodies God's heart to men and women. It is with great joy and incredible gratitude that I've watched the transformation take place. It is so beautiful.

I love your laugh, one that's known for rousing children from deep sleep and giving pause in a crowded space. I love that I can hear it booming from rooms away, echoing down halls and up staircases.

On that note, I love your laugh lines. I adore the way they crinkle up at the corners of your eyes, bearing witness to decades of smiling and a life filled with great joy.

I love your heart for our neighbors. A few years back you challenged me to open my heart and our home to those in our neighborhood, not seeing our home as a sanctuary but as an outpost. Since then we've developed a revolving door; people are constantly in and out of our home, and I'll never look back. Loving folks by opening up our home is easier than I thought and more meaningful than I'd ever expected.

I love your strong, sexy forearms. Sometimes when we're out and you're engaged in a conversation, I find myself gazing at your strong arms and thinking how grateful I am that at the end of the day, those arms find their way around me.

I love your passionate, focused personality. Though I often poke fun, it is your single-mindedness and hyper focus that has brought our family delicious home roasted coffee, better-than-bbq smoked tri tip, the most-researched, highest-rated appliances, tastiest wines, most efficient apps, and much, much more.

I love how you lead our family. You model the importance of prayer in our everyday lives. You are quick to seek reconciliation when there has been conflict. You demonstrate Godly repentance and create an environment in which we all desire to do the same.

I love that you are an extrovert leading a family of extroverts. Our family can be out most nights of the week, and though we're tired by the end, we are energized, encouraged, and ultimately, better for the times we've spent in community with others.

I love how you parent our kids, how you take Maddie on dates to Sideboard and really listen to her, which is what she needs more than anything else. I love that you totally get Sam and have no problem entering right into his little world of ninja fighting, wrestling, jabbering & snuggling. It warms my heart to no end that you welcome them into our bed morning after morning, joining me in what has become one of our favorite rituals of starting the day with cuddles.

It's not just that I love you, I really like you, too. Thanks for an awesome twelve years. Looking forward to dozens more.




mel @ the larson lingo said...

Happy 12th anniversary Ben & Becky! One of my favorite power couples :) Love seeing God work through your family. Cheers to 12 years!

Becky said...

Thanks, Mel! Being surrounded by Christlike marriages such as yours helps continue to sharpen us! XOXO