Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oregon, Part 2

One of our favorite things to do while visiting our family in Oregon is to walk the farm. There are two barns, lots of old tractors and farm equipment, a horse, cows, orchards, trees, a creek and fields of wildflowers. It's a kids' dream come true!

A trip to the barn always includes sitting on multiple tractors:

Maddie was miss independent, climbing up this huge ladder all by herself!

Sam said, "I want one of these for my birthday!" I asked him, "a broken down, discarded lawn mower?" Sam: "Yep!" How can I say no?!

I snapped a bunch of photos of our old shetland pony, Jimmy. Little did we know he would die the very next day! He had a good last day, fed many apples and loved on by a sweet, doting Maddie. Thankful for all the photos I snapped of his old face. 34 years on the farm, born the same year as me. Rest in peace, Jiminy Cricket.

Friday night we headed to a winery outside Battleground, WA, where my parents, Aunt & Uncle belong to the wine club. They were having a release party and we joined in on the fun. It was an amazingly beautiful piece of property with lots of green grass to run around on. Maddie and Sam were more entertaining than the hired musician, what with the dancing, running and acrobatics.

I basically just followed them around, snapping photos among the lush, green landscapes. 

One of the grandparents and grandkiddos!

Fun times!

On Saturday Ben, Dad, Uncle Joe and Maddie headed to the Deschutes for a day of fishing. Maddie was GIDDY to be going along on her first-ever Daddy-daughter trip to the river. She was a trooper, following the guys along steep banks covered with prickly bushes, ticks, and the occasional rattler.

Mom, Sam and I drove over in the afternoon to meet for a late lunch and to bring our fishergirl home. Such a fun day in Central Oregon!

Stay tuned...more photos from Oregon coming soon.

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Susan said...

Your shetland lived 34 years! WOW! That's amazing. All of your pictures are beautiful!