Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My 34th Birthday, Part 1 of 3

I celebrated my 34th birthday on Monday with just a handful of good friends. This first post will be the photo extravaganza!! Post two will be the recipe for the cake (after a trial of three previous recipes, as chronicled here, here, and here). The third and final birthday post will be about the wine and food pairing process. Fun, fun!
I decided on a wine and food pairing party because 1) I love wine and it is good for digestion (true story. Read 1 Timothy 5:23), 2) cheese is my FAVORITE food of all time, and 3) we have three amazing homemade wines to showcase and share with our friends.

I saw an idea on pinterest a while back that incorporated a chalkboard surface into a tasting party. Ben had the great idea of spray painting the reverse side of our marble outdoor table with chalk paint. It totally worked and now we have a great writing/decorating surface for future parties and boring afternoons at home.

Some photos of the spread/food:

Wine + cheese + nuts + food pairings = JOY!
Cheese, cheese, olives and salami. Nom nom nom
Wine, glasses, and some yummy steak bites with blue cheese

 The lovely folks who helped me celebrate:

Da Fellas: Andrew, John, Beau, Gregg, Ben & Lee
Some ladies & kiddos: Janet, moi, Sam, Maddie, Kelly & Susan 
Gregg tells a story, Maddie snuggles with Suz, Andrew & Bridgette
Listening to my toasts, John & Janet, Bridgette & Lee

Lots of photos of the birthday girl!!! (nice to be on the other side of the camera for a change): 
cheese & salami plus well-earned 34 year-old forehead wrinkles :)
It's not a party until you've got an open-mouth cheesy photo!
Me and my little man
Mama, Sam & Daddy
 Cake time:
Mile-High Chocolate Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream & Fresh Strawberries (recipe coming tomorrow)

is your mouth watering yet?

Trying not to catch my hair on fire

Sam enjoys the grain-free, sugar-free cake!

Sam hates the attention he gets from my besties

SO thankful for this man!!!

Toasts to the birthday girl:

I think Bridgette might be telling the story about my delirium when sick in the hospital
Maddie gives a toast--the sweetest words ever!!!
This picture pretty much captures our love and pride for Maddie's toast!
Big hugs and big tears in my eyes

He's just delicious. That's all there is to say.

I got lots of kiddo loves that night! Best bday present ever!

Sweet Suz

Lovely Janet

thanking everyone for a MOST lovely night!

Tune in tomorrow for part two. Hope you've enjoyed the photos! I've enjoyed re-living a most wonderful, love-filled, delicious evening.


Lynne Madden said...

It looked like such a fun time and all of the details you did looked amazing! So sorry we missed it.. stupid Chile :(

Lynne Madden said...

I have no idea why it is saying "Lynne Madden." Those are Ryan and my middle names! It's Danielle in case you haven't figured that out yet :)