Sunday, October 16, 2011

SF Fleet Week

Last Friday Ben and I had a special treat: a trip on the USS Potomac to watch Fleet Week's practice run through San Francisco. It was an AMAZING day in the city. For most of the trip, I wore a short-sleeved blouse. It was a little windy, but sunny, warm, and absolutely delightful.

The USS Potomac is also considered the "floating White House." It was FDR's personal yacht and houses some fun antiques and memorabilia from his presidency. Accompanying on our trip was FDR himself:

Yeah, I thought that part was a little weird, too. Moving along...

There were beautiful views of the city throughout the three-hour tour. Our friend and former neighbor Vijay was able to join us:

And the two of us (my hair showing the wind's power as we motored along):

There were lots of huge shipping containers being loaded onto the boats in the harbor. Pretty amazing!

It was really fun to see the city from the water. Ben and I had both been on boats in the bay, but not since we were kids (well, I was 12 when I took a ferry to Alcatraz. Ben probably was a little older the last time he was out, considering he grew up here).

The air show was incredible. The Blue Angels are really, really fun to watch. At times, they just looked like the pilots were playing, totally enjoying the feeling of twirling in the g-forces. Or whatever.

Our boat went all the way out to the Golden Gate and then slowly motored back to port, the planes flying directly overhead.

On our way back we enjoyed more views of the city:

And after our fun trip, we hit up Happy Hour at Yoshi's for sushi (me) and oysters (Ben). We walked around the city, enjoyed some conversations with the homeless folks we encountered, shopped around Cost Plus, then caught a movie in Jack London Square. It was a great date day following an awesome week in Carmel!

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