Tuesday, October 25, 2011

random thoughts from the week

Relationships are really, really, really hard. Loving Jesus is essential to relationships marked by forgiveness, reconciliation, seeking the others' best and practicing humility.

Sometimes the adventures that seem best in theory suck in reality.

I am crazy about pinterest. I finally joined after keeping it at arm's length for months. I like it WAY more than facebook.

Sometimes the best light just happens to fall during the worst moods.

I am really thankful for my hubby. 

Most of the time, I am not very good at pursuing people who don't seem interested in me. Yet it always surprises me the amount of insecurity, loneliness and desire for community that presents in people who've at one point or another pushed me away. It takes a lot of courage to push past the initial scruffiness, but beneath there is a lot of potential for love.

 My children have the capacity to absolutely melt my heart and make my day unforgettable, but also to drive me absolutely bonkers and make me want to hide in the bathtub all night.

Sometimes a new bra is all the lift you need. Pun intended.

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