Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Crawdad-Huntin' We Will Go

Got our bucket, got our pole
Headin' off to the fishin' hole
Sun's above and earth below
Oh, a crawdad-huntin' we will go

Oh, I'm tired and my legs are sore
I'll rest here against this pole
Snuggle-bug factor makes my Mama's heart flow
Oh, a crawdad-huntin' we will go

The water's just right, the line slides in
Mud and leaves making the view quite dim
But they'll come out from their watery holes
Oh, a crawdad-huntin' we will go

We've got our salami tied on tight
With meat like that, crawdads won't even fight
Soon they'll grab on and into the bucket they'll go
Oh, a crawdad-huntin' we will go

Waitin's fun as we sit in the sun
Snappin' away pictures of little hon-buns
Sister feels somethin' a tuggin' on the pole
Oh, a crawdad-huntin' we will go

She fishes them out, brave and strong
tosses them in the bucket, singin' a song
"Into the bucket, hey hidey ho,
Oh, a crawdad-huntin' we will go"

Patience pays off as the bucket fills up
Red creepy crawlies, struttin' their stuff
Raisin' up high with claws open just so
Oh a crawdad-huntin' we did go

After all that work, brother takes a rest
Snugglin' up close with a boy's best pet
Sister runs off to join a friend
Mama's left behind with a bucket full of red

Mama looks the other way and tosses to the sky
Eight squirming creatures on the fly
The sound of them splashin' in the creek lets us know
They'll be back when again, crawdad-huntin' we will go

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