Thursday, October 13, 2011

Samuel: 31 Months

Dear Sambino the Great,

Your tricks just keep improving! Every month you learn new ways to move, to make us laugh, and to interact with your world. You are outgoing, engaging, thoughtful, snuggly, crazy, creative and fun!

This month was a whirlwind of activity, starting with your first day of school on your last monthly update, a trip to Oregon, more school, and a trip to Carmel! And with your can-do attitude, sunny disposition and willingness to try new things, you've made it through every week with your usual gusto and amiability.

You continue to love all things that go: airplanes, helicopters, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, cement mixers, dump trucks, cars, trains, etc. You are always on the lookout for modes of transportation to point out and admire. We spend every waking minute of our car rides shouting out things like, "Yeah, nice car, buddy!" or, "Look at that boom-buhn (motorcyle)!" or, "Yes, a round-and-round (cement mixer)!" You continue to call things by their sounds, not their names, and it continues to make me laugh. One of these days I expect you to up and say, in a British accent, no less, "Motha, how is it possible that fah so many months you've allowed me to use sounds in place of wuhds? Honestly, how infantile."

You are practically fearless. This month you perfected jumping into the pool, unaided, even jumping in on your own, dropping beneath the water, and bobbing to the surface, hair dripping and face smiling. You also love to climb, climb, climb. After Daddy taught you and Maddie how to climb the wisteria vines, I fully expect to one day find you standing on the roof of the house, shouting, "MAMAAAAA!" You manipulate your environment, stacking boxes and chairs, all sorts of items in order to reach the highest possible point. I find you with all sorts of things you're not supposed to have, simply because of your creative ways of climbing up to where said things are stored. Hmm.

You continue to be absolute sweetness. So many nights I linger at bedtime, knowing that in your most cuddly of moments you bestow kisses like they're going out of style. One night I thought to count and am happy to report I received 27 of the most delicious kisses possible. You throw your arms around my neck, bury your face into my skin, spoon your body against mine, all in an effort to get as close as possible. Early this morning you called for me and I made my way, in the dark, to your room, where your soft little arms beckoned me. I woke up to you stroking my cheek with your hand, kissing my lips with such sweet and gentle tenderness. It is SUCH a gift, I can't even describe how grateful I am for our moments of snuggling together, as I know that these days will pass in an instant. So for now, I'm happy to draw out any opportunity to lay with you and receive the love you have to share.

You and your sissy are two peas in a pod. You made up your own secret handshake this month (which I have GOT to get on video, note to self), and every time I hear "Hit it, Sam-Sam!" or "Hit it, Mah-Mah!" I smile to myself. The looks on your faces, the connection you have, it's priceless. The joy that your relationship brings me is so great! At night, when we stop to pray, you always remember to thank God for your sister. And you never forget to give her kisses and loves before you head into your room. Such love for your sissy.

As you grow closer to three, it amazes us just how much of a little boy you really are. You run fast, throw hard, laugh, sing, joke and tease. You play guns with sticks, pillows and teaspoons. You scream and yell and jump and climb and wrestle. It's so awesome! I love having a boy! Thanks for being the best boy I know.

Love you,


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