Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carmel: October 2011

Another Fall, another trip to our blessed Carmel. Friends of the family have allowed us to stay here at least once a year over the past several years, and we are SO grateful. Our times away at the beach are always so precious to our family. Lots of resting, warming up by the fire, playing on the beach, walking through town, and catching up on family time. Yay!

We like to spend as many hours on the beach as possible, as you'll see from the photos. Our first day was glorious: warm, white sand, good kite-flying conditions, good "flying" conditions. :) We enjoy our time together!

Mama & Sam have a moment

"I didn't nap today! Ah ha ha ha ha wah wah!"

classic Sam grin: ready for trouble!

climbing the rocks provided a lot of entertainment

"No more PICTURES!"

Day two was even better! Clear skies, even better kite-flying winds, and lots of fun.

Daddy & Maddie fly the big kite

Tandem flying

This is the face that comes to mind when I think of my Maddie girl: relaxed, content, engaged, sweet. Even with the rough days of the past few months, it's so good to see that inner light shine when she's happy with her family. :)

Kelp has so many uses. Amazingly versatile & fun!

All clean and ready for dinner out!

Day three meant more time at the beach! Lots of sliding down and drawing on sandstone this afternoon.


Constantly running. Away from the photog mom.

Maddie's homemade kite, flying high!

Daddy loves art projects like this. The two of them worked long and hard on the special kite, and it flew like a beaut!

Sam and Daddy workin' that big kite!

My big boy looking out at the ocean!

Gathering water for the sand castles

building away, my brown-skinned, sun-kissed, beauty of a girl!


Sam decided to try flying with all four limbs. Good thing Daddy was there to keep him anchored to the ground!

Maddie spent a long time drawing on the sandstone. There's me!

Perfect beach conditions for flying like planes. One of Sam's favorite activities.

This little guy sure liked the pistachios Sam provided. I think he would have hopped on Sam's shoulder and followed us home, had we not shooed him away!

Day Four: Rain, rain, rain! The kind of rain that makes California drivers pull off Highway 1 while they wait for it to stop pouring. Me, I just accelerate into the left lane, pass by, and thank my Oregon roots for the ability to drive when it's yucky outside. Anyhow, we spent the morning at My Museum in Monterey. The best kids museum I've ever been to. Really fun.

Making a body bubble!

Sam stayed in the fireman outfit almost the entire time. Maddie especially loved the stage with its dress up clothes, curtain, backdrops, and sound effects. She put on quite a performance.

Such a special treat and wonderful time away! We came back feeling refreshed, rested, and happy to be a family. Thank you Carl and Jan for your generosity! We are so thankful (and better for it!)

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