Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spring Break: Staycation Fun

Why go on vacation when you can staycation? We have so many fun things to do around here, and decided to make the most of our days off this week. Operation Spring Break: to keep the kids busy, wear them out, and see as many friends as possible.

Monday: Hap Magee with the Eakins (and lots of other moms we know!)

Imagine our surprise (and the kids' pure joy) when the water came on at 10:45 a.m. Kids in swimsuits and undies ran around the park, ecstatic to be out in the sun, even if it was pretty cold.

Sweet Kayla was one of the cold but fearless cuties who braved the shade:

Tuesday morning we hung out with the Holbrooks and Eakins in the morning, enjoying the play house, water table, and a wee bit of nudity before calling things off. What is it about those girls, getting together, and eventually shedding their clothes? And why does every play date end in a consequence?

Tuesday afternoon: playdate at the Loughnanes

Maddie LOVES her some babies. This girl could not get enough of those twins, kissing, hugging, stroking soft heads, and putting in pacis. Oh my, what a little love she is.

Wednesday morning: the plan was to stay home and catch up on housework. At approximately 8:15, I was ready to lose it. Luckily the Eakins were up for a bike ride downtown for treats and a trip to the library.

Seriously, how cute are these five with their little donuts?

Wednesday afternoon: play date back at the Holbrooks, this time including the Larson girls. Noticing a theme here? My personal goal over Spring Break was to see as much of my friends as possible, without our kids hurting each other. :) We enjoyed lots of outside time, including a play dough extravaganza:

Thursday: the plan was to go to the zoo, but the weatherman was calling for rain so we hit Superfranks instead. It was crazy, plain and simple, crazy. Here's a single shot from the morning:

Thursday afternoon we had tea parties outside. Maddie is quite the tea pourer, as demonstrated below:

We also took a trip to watch the construction happening behind our house. "Bang! Bang!" goes Sam. "Hi! Hi Man! Hat! Hat! Hi! Bang! Bang! Bang" goes the nonstop talking little boy. Poor construction guys. As if there isn't enough noise in their day. Well, at least it was worth twenty minutes' entertainment!

Springtime brings the most incredible clouds. Loving it!

Thursday night: Daddy/Daughter Date Night

I don't know who was more excited, Maddie or Ben. They were giddy with love for each other. Maddie picked out a dress so she'd look "lovely" on their date. So, so sweet. A trip to Amici's for dinner, Esin for dessert (Maddie enjoyed an entire coconut cream pie, all by herself), and Lunardi's for Easter balloons. What a loved girl!

Friday morning Ben took Maddie and Tyler Holbrook fishing at Lafayette Reservoir. Sam and I hung at home and then did a little summer shopping at Kohl's. I spent $70 and saved $150. Seriously, how does that even work?

Friday night: Easter cookie making! Maddie was very serious about her glazing techniques:

Eventually all of us joined in and made some delightful little bunnies, chicks, lambs and eggs:

Saturday morning: Tilden

Feeding the animals celery just never grows old. Never.

Sam was more interested in the tractors, farm tools, and running around like a crazy person.

A trip to Tilden warrants a turn on the Carousel:

waiting in line (I love finding photos on my camera that I didn't take. I especially love this little guy and how he is hanging on to his Mama).

All set to go!

Tickets $2 a piece or 7 for $10. Easy choice. Two extra bucks to ride a second time and score some photos.

Saturday night: Daddy back to work, preaching away!

Spring Break is officially over! But it was a fun week. I'm exhausted. The kids have been waking up before 6 nearly every day and we've been going like mad. Time for a cold drink, some smoked ribs, and (almost) bedtime.

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