Monday, April 18, 2011

Mother's Day Post & Giveaway

Do you read Wendy's blog? Have you read her book? Wendy is awesome and she has an awesome giveaway going on over at her blog. You should check it out!

I would love to win the Mother's Day swag and so I'm linking up by answering her questions. If you read the blog, you know that I love my own mom, aka Grammy to Maddie & Sam. (Stick through to the end for another giveaway!)

1. What is your best childhood memory with your mom?
This is a tough one. I have lots of memories. For some reason, right now I'm remembering a funny moment when my mom went to change the water in the fish tank and it crashed to the floor, sending water and fish flying. We had this one black fish with bubble eyes and she picked it right up with her hands and tossed it into the kitchen sink, into a sink full of dish water. That fish totally survived the ordeal and I remember thinking my mom was so awesome.

Another favorite memory was when she planned a surprise birthday party when I was eight years old. I came home with my best friend Jenny and she told me that before we could start playing I needed to clean up the big mess on my floor. I distinctly remembered that I had cleaned my room, and I was so eager to play with Jenny that I ran in, and to my great surprise, tons of my friends leapt up and yelled "Happy Birthday!"

2. Was she consistent in her discipline?
I'm sure that she wasn't, simply because we can never be fully consistent as moms. It just doesn't happen, even as much as we wish it to. I do remember that she had specific rules and boundaries but they were fair. I don't remember much discipline, but she assures me that my own daughter is much like myself and we spend *a lot* of time disciplining at this house. This makes me grateful because hopefully Maddie will remember the good things and not the consequences.

3. Did you ever make your mom cry because you were unruly or disobedient?
Um, yes. Probably multiple times. Though it was a group endeavor. I'm sure the three of us (I have two brothers) gave her a rough time, a lot of the time. I remember one specific time I really hurt her feelings. It was in 8th grade. I spent a lot of time at a friend's house who was pretty rude and disrespectful to her mom. After a while, it rubbed off on me and my mom came to pick me up from a sleepover and she was wearing a pair of my earrings (we wore the same size shoe and also shared a lot of jewelry in those days). I said in a rude voice, "Nice earrings, Mom." The look on her face is imprinted in my memory. I had hurt her so deeply, and once the words left my mouth I couldn't take them back. Respect is so important, and as a parent, when I feel disrespected it is the hardest thing for me to take. Sorry, mom, not only for that moment but for countless others where I didn't honor and respect you.

4. Do you remember any of the special things your mom did for you?
Mom always made special days feel really special. On birthdays she would either make our favorite dinner or let us pick our favorite place to eat out (fajitas at home or Pancho's for dinner). She was always available to talk. Always. Both she and my dad were very approachable and I felt like I could be honest with them and know they loved and cared for me even if they didn't agree with my decisions or actions.

When I started my period at school, my mom went all out to make me feel special and to celebrate the transition to womanhood (if you will). Instead of feeling ashamed or embarrassed, she showered me with love, took me shopping, gave me a Hershey's chocolate bar and drew a bath so I could relax.

She also made lots of fun desserts on special occasions, like chocolate pudding or heart-shaped cakes for Valentine's Day. I was always so excited to peek in the fridge and see something for us to enjoy later in the day.

5. Did she teach you anything really significant?
Where can I even start? Everything significant I know and believe came straight from my parents. They are such wonderful, awesome, incredible people. The most significant thing she gave me is my faith in God. Without Jesus, I would have nothing in this world.

The second most important thing she taught me was to always treat people well, to extend love and care to every person I met, regardless of whether they were popular or not, beautiful or not, powerful or not. This was the BEST advice I ever received, and it made my high school years so much easier. I just never felt the need to look down on someone or belittle them because they were different, strange, or difficult.

There was one specific person I knew who was very hard to love. I showered her with as much goodness as I could muster even though she was horribly abrasive, harsh and unreceptive. Years later, after we had graduated high school, she contacted me. She shared how much she appreciated the fact that I never stopped treating her kindly in spite of how she reacted. I immediately told my mom, because I owe that all to her.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

If you made it to the end, you are rewarded! Leave a comment answering one of these questions about your own mom and I'll send you a handmade card you can give her for Mother's Day! It's that simple! One lucky winner will not only get a handmade card, but a $20 gift certificate to Starbucks to load up on go juice (aka caffeine, tea, coffee, whatever gets you through the day).


Garry said...

I agree she did a great job with all of you.

Sar said...

I was linked here through Wendy's post and your stories made my heart happy! <3 So glad that you shared your story. I won't leave a comment answering the question as I'm going to write a post for Wendy's, but check my blog soon for some great Sar's Mom stories!

TDM Wendy said...

brought tears to my eyes. i bet your mom will dig this. be sure to go back to my blog post and leave a comment because that is where I will draw from for the prizes!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I loved reading this Becky!!! I am totally tearing up! What a wonderful post! You are lucky to have such a great mom!
I want to write one up for my mom, so I will start by answering one of the questions here!! I would LOVE to win your giveaway because I would give the starbucks card to my mom! She LOVES coffee but never treats herself to Starbucks (or Peets)
Question 5: Did she teach you anything really significant?
My mom is the strongest person I know. She grew up with an abusive father and her parents divorced when she was 10. Suddenly it was her & my mom who had to fend for themselves (her older sister was 18 and in college up in Washington) and they had no money. At the age of 10, my mom had to sew her own clothes, babysit neighbor kids & be a support system to my Grandma. My mom taught me the significance of hard work and never giving up. She taught me perseverance. After she had me, she had 5 miscarriages, one at 20 weeks. My mom is one of the strongest people I know. She didn't become a Christian until she was in her mid 20's and growing up she would bring me & my sisters to church my herself. (My dad started coming with us when I was in 4th grade) My mom has a quiet faith, but it is a strong one. My mom is truly one of my heros!
(sorry for the novel....!!!)