Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sabbath Adventures: fishing and swimming at shadow cliffs

Last weekend I was speaking in a women's conference and so Ben took the kiddos fishing at a reservoir nearby called Shadow Cliffs. They had such a good time that we decided to go back again for our family sabbath.

It was 85 degrees outside. Absolutely perfect. Warm and rosy-cheeked, Sam and Maddie napped on the way to the park and for a while in the shade. Ben got to fishing and I surfed the internet on my phone. To each his own, right?

When the little ones awoke, we checked out the lakeside and quickly chose swimming over fishing. Here's Maddie, fresh from her nap:

The kids ran around, playing in the water and sand for three hours. I re-applied sunscreen two times in those three hours, as we were all over the place! Sam played a chase-the-beach-ball game for about an hour. He would throw the ball out into deeper water, wade/run to it, throw it again, over and over and over. He kept me very busy, following at an arm's length to prevent any lake water mishaps.

After spending a lot of time in the water, the kids played in the sand. Sam liked to "dig dig dig" with the shovels, while Maddie preferred to make friends and follow them all around the beach.

Sam was displaying his beach bod for all to see. Swollen belly, strong calves, droopy swim trunks--too much for us ladies to handle:

How much do I love this girl?

We made lots of fast friends and had a great time enjoying our beautiful Spring day! Next time we'll bring our snorkel gear to practice for Hawaii.

(This morning, Ben and Maddie went BACK, AGAIN, to the reservoir. Ben has now fished it four times without catching a thing. Game on, lake trout.)


bonnieb said...

so fun and so cute!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I haven't been to shadow cliffs since i was in elementary school...I totally forgot about it!!! What a great idea & so glad you had fun! I will have to take my girls!