Friday, April 15, 2011

giveaway details

Remember my giveaway back in February? Well, I finally saw my mother-in-law Bonnie and got her package delivered, so now I can show my creations to you!

15 handmade cards in all:
5 - 3x5 cards
6 - 5x7 cards
4 - 3x8 cards

Some of the details:

I did a turquoise and pink theme. Every card had turquoise and/or pink incorporated. Some had shiny elements, others were more flowery. There were even some modern graphics mixed in.

It was fun to get into a hobby again, get crafting, and spend time making a blogoversary gift for one of my readers. Thanks to all who continue to read and visit the ol' blog.


bonnieb said...

Incredible! You are a very talented young woman and super gnerous, too.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Ummm...Becky....these are AWESOME!!!! You need to open up an Etsy shop ASAP!!! Seriously, these are so cute! You are so talented!