Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Week

Easter Week started off with a fun egg hunt with our yellow room (preschool) friends. Our room moms did a great job organizing a fun event with lots to do!

Nicole and Maddie loved their pinwheels!

Kelly & Nicoley

Later in the week we made Resurrection Cookies. Unfortunately, we had two sad cookie encounters. 1) It is near impossible to get good pictures in my kitchen. Oh well. 2) Our cookies didn't rise, didn't hollow out, didn't become empty tombs. But they were still delicious, and since Maddie didn't know the difference, we just cracked them apart and celebrated the fact that death couldn't hold Jesus!

Easter morning Sam actually slept in, so we were waiting and waiting (so it seemed) until the kiddos could find their hidden baskets. Here they are digging into the loot!

While three of us were upstairs getting ready for church, Sam found a rogue cadbury creme egg and dove right in. When I found him, he was surrounded by the tiniest foil pieces imaginable, shoving a half-eaten egg in his mouth, galloping in circles around the living room rug. His face looked thus:

Maddie got herself dressed for church and added the leopard-print headband:

On the front step before church, we snapped some photos:

As long as is possible, I WILL dress my son in cutesy clothes. The day will be here shortly where he will dictate his fashion and until then, I will pick seersucker jackets, bow ties, and button up shirts to my heart's content.

Maddie checking out the stash of goodies from Tutu and Boppa:

Sam took such a long nap, we had about an eight-minute interval in which to find our hidden eggs in the backyard before heading to Easter Dinner at the Eakins'. But eight minutes is more than enough for two eager little kiddos.

We joined the Eakins, plus family and friends totalling 30+, for a delicious Easter Dinner. Sam checked out the pogo stick:

Susan did resurrection eggs with the kiddos:

I ran around snapping photos of the Easter cheer (and sugar highs):

Sam and KK share a moment over an open egg of jelly beans:

Tutu and Maddie, swinging away!

Hoping your family had a blessed Easter week! Praising God for new life, for the work of his Spirit in our sweet Maddie, for baptism week, and for all the love and care he shows us through his people.

The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save!

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

love the Easter pictures! And, so sad your cookies didn't turn out....I wonder what happened? so sad! :(