Thursday, February 17, 2011

my funny valentines

I love Valentine's Day. Not in a mushy, buy into the commercialism way, but in my own glad-to-have-such-love-in-my-life way. We started our day with special pancakes. Heart shaped for the boys, with strawberries and whipping cream, and a girl for Maddie, as requested:

My kids ALWAYS ask for pancakes and then proceed to eat the strawberries and whipping cream. Can't say I blame them!

Valentine's Day gives me excuse to break out my crafty side and indulge in some chandelier hangy-celebratory things (sure you've seen these before):

I loved my body by getting a chiropractic adjustment and then we enjoyed a little love day play date at Blackhawk (until Mama wimped out. It was cold!)

When we returned, a neighbor had dropped off some delicious mini cupcakes, enjoyed thoroughly by the kiddos after lunch:

Post-nap, Maddie made valentines for many loved ones, including a hand-written note for Grammy and Papa and this big red heart for her BFF Nicole:

Mama joined in and made a valentine for Daddy:

And wrapped up some goodies for the kiddos (I use minor holidays as an excuse to update our bookshelves with some new reads):

And the kiddos helped me make Daddy's favorite: rice krispy treats! We mixed it up a little this time by doing chocolate and regular treats, with a little heart cut-out:

And my valentine gave me a most unexpected gift of my own:

Beautiful, right? And totally unexpected. He picked out a blue topaz because he loves the way I look in blue. What a romantic, this one. Smooch!

Our sweet friend Rita watched our kids so we grabbed a delicious tasting menu at Stomp and even watched The King's Speech up at Blackhawk! A real, live date night!

Happy Valentine's to all my beloved readers!


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The rice Krispie treats. Wow.
And the ring? Wow. So fun and special.