Monday, February 07, 2011

Samuel: 23 Months

Dear Sam,

How is it possible that you are one month away from two years old? It seems like yesterday that I watched you emerge from my body and snuggled you to my chest as you lifted your head and searched the room with those huge brown eyes. Now you are running and jumping and laughing and singing and talking and I keep referring to you as a baby.

I sound like a broken record at times, but I want to remember this for as long as I can, and so I record it for posterity: you and Maddie are the best of friends. You love each other, you care for one another, you enjoy each other's company and you are constantly making each other laugh. Every day I delight in how close you are, how infrequently you fight, and the love you display for each other. It's a Mama's dream come true.

You are smiley and engaging. You make friends wherever we go with your sweet smile and playful personality. You are kind and gentle and unbelievably patient. Laid back and easygoing, you seem unfazed by puppies, big kids, loud noises, big crowds and craziness. It is such a joy just to be with you and experience life through your eyes.

You LOVE to be scared. Nothing makes you laugh and sign "more" like a game of chase, scare, and surprise. In this picture your Daddy was sneaking up and snatching you off a log, and you were cracking up, asking for more, giggling and snorting and causing all of us to laugh until our eyes watered.

You are sweet and snuggly. Some of my favorite moments in the day are when you have just woken up and you snuggle into my arms, lay your head on my shoulder, and stay for as long as I'll have you. You are never in a hurry to run off and play, and I have to remind myself that these days are so short and our time to snuggle so brief, that all those t0-dos just have to wait because I've got a boy to hug.

You are brave and adventurous. Parks and playgrounds bring out your most courageous side and I find myself sprinting to spot you as you climb a tall ladder or negotiate a steep slide. I love that you trust me enough to just throw caution to the wind and throw your body into whatever it is you're doing, but it does keep my heart rate going. I am amazed at your ability, your strength, your agility. You are remarkably quick and mighty.

You are talking more and more these days. We joke that your sister is your language tutor, as she can get you to say almost anything. Tonight it was "green" as we were discussing colors at dinner. You are still most enamored with words and sounds that involve food or motorized vehicles. That's just how you roll. (And we love it!)

And speaking of food, I just don't know that there's a boy who enjoys his "cocoa" as much as you do, as evidenced by the above picture. Hard to believe that one little mug of hot chocolate could practically paint your face in deep-forest camouflage.

I love you more than a steaming cup of hot cocoa with mini marshmallows, higher than the tallest ladder you can climb, further than you can run and bigger than your appetite. You are a joy, a treat, a delight, and a treasure. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you, little man.



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bonnieb said...

makes me cry, such a special boy